Unlike other leadership experts, Sally is uniquely world-experienced having lead high-performing teams in high-pressure outlying remote environments. This experience across multiple countries has amplified her ability to know what it takes to build resilience and understand team-culture first-hand.

Her greatest learning however, was to recognise that when a leader ‘shines’ from the inside-out, they’re able to influence a ripple of positive change, generating impact that then gives rise for others to shine… and she wants to share her know-how!

Sally works with leaders in new roles who are feeling flustered, confused and borderline incapable and turns them into a Lion-hearted star – bold, present, courageous and energised – but most importantly, capable of tapping into and leaning on their true classic self for simplicity in their decision making!

Sally has a pragmatic approach and is known for ‘being herself’. She’s developed the admirable ability to take this to any situation, lead with volition as required – without the need to conform to outside pressures – and still obtain outstanding results… and she’s on a mission to help leaders in new roles reach this level too. Sally will ensure you find your classic sparkle and reach your destination with clarity whilst you navigate changing times.

Sally would love to work with leaders who are 18 months or less in a new role, in a service-based industry who is experiencing the above personal challenges around their role.

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