Signarama Geelong West is a family business owned by Tim Knott, Graphic Designer, and Narelle Knott, Customer Service/Sales Manager.

Tim Knott has over 30 years’ experience as a Graphic Designer/ Artist. As a professional designer and great customer service, he provides clients with creative ideas to grow new and exciting businesses. Tim has a talent for not only design but also custom rebuilds on Vehicles art and furniture. He has incorporated all his knowledge into the signage business.

Narelle as over 30 years’ experience as a Customer Service Manager and Sales Consultant. Working in Customer Service and managing a team has always been an advantage. Team- work is a must whether its internal with the Geelong West team or assisting with customers and their vision.

Tim and Narelle’s ideal clients range from businesses who are looking to update their old signage and recreate a new fresh look to a new business needing signage to open their doors. They have previous customers wanting to rebrand their name or update old looking signage and new customers opening businesses in the area wanting a new brand for their shop. Their team is highly skilled in design, manufacturing and customer service. There is no limit when it comes to signage and marketing a brand. Signarama Geelong West have won awards and in their first year of becoming business owners they won the National Award for Rookie of the Year.